Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions

(c) Jonathan Hielkema

Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions

New album “VOL.4”


6th MARCH 2020

Gospel music has skillfully and completely been reinvented by Onno Smit , Paul Willemsen and singer Michelle David. They are going back to the origin and essence of the music, but with a new, minimal approach. So you won’t get a Hammondorgan where you would’ve expected it, and the abundance of chords has been scrapped; often, one guitar riff says more than a series of chord changes.

The Gospel Sessions Vol. 1 was an introduction to the project itself. They wanted to show how Gospel music could take on various elements and not be viewed in the same typical fashion that is so familiar to most.
Vol. 2 definitely erases all that you thought you knew about them and gospel. This is a rougher yet vulnerable piece of work. Michelle David has truly settled in her role and has allowed her personal experience to manifest itself through every word, note and tone.
Nothing short of a miracle was the past year and a half for Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions.  After releasing their album, ‘The Gospel Sessions Vol. 3’ they were nominated for an Edison Award (The Dutch Grammy), chosen for album of the month by French radio network FIP, made an appearance on prime time German national TV as well as Dutch national TV.  Being invited to perform for the King and Queen of the Netherlands for Liberation day was definitely a highlight.  All while roaming the continent (even a short and sweet meet with Africa).  This album has also paid tribute to Soul music with sounds of Northern Soul, Boogaloo, Afro Soul with a combination of Chicago and Memphis Soul.  Under the impact of these influences they found their true genre – Rhythm and Gospel.  Vol 3 theme was one of hope, strength and empowerment which was exuded throughout the tour.  During this period there was also a very personal occurrence, a tragedy unfolding. To everyone’s shock, Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Tremendous support, a positive attitude with both a firm and courageous will rendered a successful recovery.  The new keyword for Vol 4 became Victory!  The lyrics are of a celebratory fashion that is engulfed with positive affirmations.  The end result personally and musically are triumphant.

Having all these profound influences and events behind them, this album is the most colourful and diverse piece of work they’ve created. While holding fast to their core essence of being authentic and organic it was important for them to further develop their growth.   

Incorporating more strings, percussions as well as horns and even analog synths has helped to evolve Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions as a complete band.

“Feeling good and allowing yourself the freedom to “Let Go” is without question the foundation of each and every song. The evolution of Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions is inspiring, exciting and life changing .” – Michelle David,

One is constantly wondering: “What will they come up with next?”