Republica Ideal de Acapulco

The night falls, the men put on their white tuxedos, the women their light dresses, the wind is calm, welcome to Acapulco!

Leading the band, Nicolas Repac.

Acapulco sums up Latin music such as the European Carmen Miranda who had embodied it in the pre-war years, years of being carefree and full of desire, with the voice and flutes of the Cuban Yaite Ramos.

Mambo, cha-cha-cha, bolero, Acapulco embraces and sets all these rhythms to create its own identity and give life back to the lost paradise, just as Dean Martin had fantasized when he became Latino. The sensuality is intact with the Acapulco project, but it is far from a simple nostalgia. Instead the music longs to live and be in full modernity. It wouldn’t matter if it is sung in Spanish, English or French, all encompass a feeling to celebrate, dance, and smile. Far from any geographical logic, it is the idea of ​​pleasure and childish luxury that prevails, as did the American Martin Denny, for whom the term Exotica (one of his pieces’ title) was used, to describe his music. Acapulco goes further and proposes nu-exotica, brewing all the images that we make of the languor of the Latin world, from the Tiki to the Malecon, and Joséphine Baker’s naked breasts. Acapulco is a joyful melting pot of both musical and sociological ambience.

In this quite dark time, it is nice to find this lightness that a French producer (Loic Barrouk of the Café of the Dance) imagined and entrusted the multi-instrumentalist Nicolas Repac with. A great musical traveler, he has already visited Africa with his work with Mamani Keita. Here he is like a tycoon on a steamer landing in Havana, piloting this project with the complicity of Yaité Ramos better known as “La Dame Blanche”. The Cuban settled in Paris long ago and was known as chorus singer for Sergent Garcia. Her transverse flute (Je sais pas comment on dit flute traversiere) enhances Acapulco with a very feminine delicacy. The last touch was added by  entrusting Jean Massicotte (Lhasa, Patrick Watson …) with the mixing.

Turn around at a concert in Acapulco, and Ernest Hemingway will be sitting nearby at the back of the room, drinking a 30-year-old whiskey. Acapulco’s chic chick will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Acapulco band Couleurs